Stress eating or Stress shopping?

09/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Ninth October Twenty-Thirteen.

I’m starting to like the word form of the date.

See that little changes I did on the left side column of my blog? Yep. I brought back Twitter to my page and included Instagram too. You can ignore them if you like. They’ll just be there for my own liking anyway.

I had finally, and properly, settled down in my new place. Nothing was new with me aside that I have been becoming a morning person since moving in. And since I was on leave but didn’t fly back to my homeland (or at least not yet, wish for my work pass to be delivered by Friday please), I have been running around the area in the mornings. The run was fun and I get to explore the city a little bit more. Yep, the reawakening of my inner Little Dora. My running time has also increased – it’s one hour now. Yay for me!

I feel like I’ve wasted four days of my precious leave by just staying at home. I kind of regretted impulsively deciding on my leave dates when it was during the transition of my work renewal. I just have to live with it. I wanted to do something to make myself happy. And I did.

Stress eating or stress shopping?

My friend says neither. I second her words too. I mean, I am trying to lose weight and stress eating is definitely the polar opposite of that. And stress shopping? I don’t even know if the term was actually existing. It just popped in my head. I’m not a big fan of shopping. It comes with my mood which happens once in forever. So my shopping was actually a one-time-big-time kind of thing. I know that that was not really the best kind of shopping habit to have and believe me, I don’t like it too but I couldn’t really help it. It’s just that, when I want to shop, I really do splurge money on it. And that was what I did by the way – burned my debit card for new clothes.

I don’t shop for clothes monthly which is probably off for being a girl. Ugh, should I care? Shopping is not part of my necessities. I believe I just do that to satisfy myself sometimes. Anyways, I dropped by H&M and, my ever so favorite, Cotton On. So my friends always question me why I like Cotton On. Even I don’t know. It’s probably just my type of clothing, I guess. H&M, on the other hand, was not really my kind of clothing store. So Why did I go there to shop? Because I thought I could check the clothes that they have on sale. I found a few that I liked but, unfortunately, they didn’t have my size on the first store that I went. So I had to go to another outlet to check if they have what I’m looking for. I ended up buying different clothes though.

Point is, I shopped. It was a date with my debit card that comes once in forever. Worst part? I have to face the consequences of spending too much when it’s not even half of the month. Ha! Way to go, Lisa!

AND! I will update the story of The Night I Met you soon. I just wanted to finish a chapter in Jacob’s POV first. I have a lot of free time but I couldn’t find the time to write. I feel like time was flying way too fast that I couldn’t catch up with it. Another thing, I want to change the title of the story. Less Than Strangers was the one I had in mind.

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