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She kept me hoping,
but she left me hanging.
Those years I was waiting
were all for nothing.

I believed her every word –
all lies and purely absurd.
Said she’d write me letters
always, even if I did not answer.

She had me dance in her palm
and made me beg for alms.
She twirled me in her fingers;
she’s just full of wonders.

She’s everything in my world,
and all I’d ever want to hold.
She’s the cause of my vanity
and the cure for my insanity.

I agreed with her deals
and took her out to meals.
I did everything she wanted
and had her wishes granted.

But everything was for nothing.
She left, and now I’m weeping.
All her lies were beautiful
albeit no single word was truthful.

Lies. Pretense. Made up.
Still, I can’t give up.
She filled my life truly
’cause before it was only empty.

I knew I’ll never forget her
and it was difficult to recover.
But to move on is wise and better,
’cause to have her back is next to never.

Sappy? I know. I made this when I was still hung up with a Wattpad story – How to Date a Nerd, it was a lovely and funny sequel for Life as Told by Nerdy. I feel sorry for Leon.

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