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I’m sick of skyscrapers

I’m sick of luxury cars

And the small quarters

In a land miles afar.

I’m tired of the city lights

Like it was a Vegas night

And the limited sights

Of this land in flight.

Overpriced amusements

And fares soaring high

Barely managing in the present

In the future, I’ll just sigh.


Torn Inside

25/10/2013 § Leave a comment

My heart was crying

but I need to get going

My mind was in denial

despite all the trials.

I flew miles away

while he has to stay

I left him in tears

his smile hides his fears.

No, we just couldn’t be

so I had to set him free

we’ll never be together

’cause I’ve already rejected his offer.

This poem just came to me after my short, rush date with a friend on the day of my flight back to Singapore. He used to like me. So before we parted, because I was actually running late for my flight, he gave me white roses. The ever so sweet guy.

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