LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

18/09/2013 § Leave a comment

LOL (Laughing Out Loud) was a movie written and directed by Lisa Azuelos. The original was made on 2008 as a French Film and an American remake was created on 2012.

I only managed to watch the American version recently and it was pretty funny and touching too. I really wanted to watch the original French Film though since it was the original and everything, and of course with subtitles. I studied French for two semesters back in college, and so far I had not used it in proper conversations. I am not living in a country where French is used as a main or second language. And with no practice, there is just no way that I would be able to be conversationally fluent in French.

Anyway, so how did I find out about this film? You see, I was reading a story in Wattpad (I’m currently addicted to it by the way) and for the main male character, the author decided on Jeremy Kapone. He’s not exactly my type of guy at the moment but his character in the story was just cute. That aside, I did a little research about the guy and found out that he was an actor for the movie LOL. I watched the trailer and I find it interesting. And there you have it.

I wanted to say that the movie was about being true to yourself and to your beloved ones. Lying and keeping important things from the ones dear to you is just, I don’t know, absurd? Sure, each of us deserves privacy and deep little secrets that we can only allow no one but ourselves to indulge. But there were things that we should tell others…important things that we were always not sure whether to tell them or not, and when to tell them. And assuming from unproven facts is, well, just ridiculous.

Misunderstanding works its way into our lives more than we realize. And it usually affects our lives in a not so good way. Sometimes the damage is too great that it seems impossible to be mended, especially if we only see things the way we want to. But since it was only a misunderstanding then there should always be a way to repair broken trusts and relationships. It was never easy to admit your fault. But it requires greater effort by just taking the first step towards that, for mustering enough courage and speaking up.

The story was mostly about a teenage girl and her mom and their relationships with family, friends and special someones. And where do you find a teenage life without all the drama about love, friends and vices? At least not in this planet.

Drugs, sex, being brokenhearted, falling for the best friend, fighting with a close friend, losing trust, breaking the parent’s words, lying, standing up for yourself, and a whole lot more of trouble and fun.

It was a pretty funny and touching, and a bit sweet, family story to watch. I really can’t compare the remake to the original given that I haven’t watched the latter one yet. Oh, and I love the song Heart on Fire and I prefer the rock version.

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