I wasn’t cut to be a Writer

30/07/2013 § 2 Comments

I have been hooked into reading amateur novels in Wattpad. It was an application introduced to me by a friend, and since I love to read and stuff, I gave it a try not knowing I would be addicted to it.

So far, I have read 4 stories by two authors. I became a fan of LiloHorse after reading her The Roommate Rulebook. The story was funny and I loved all the pranks the protagonists played against each other. The plot was common but it was a story to love. After reading that story of hers, I browsed her other works. If I said The Roommate Rulebook is funny, then Bad Boy Isn’t My Type and The Bad Boy, The Sat Nav and Me, especially, were hilarious. Maybe even that is being an understatement. I love the characters in the two latter stories as they are filled with fun and excitement. Bottomline, I had a good laugh from reading the three stories.

I just finished reading deaming_love’s Falling Slowly which is definitely a must read. It was a happy and sad story about love and life. It actually brought me to tears and I’m still affected until now, after several hours since finishing it. The story share the same plot as Lavender (a Taiwanese drama), childhood friends who grew apart and reconciled with each other with the female character dying from an illness, leaving her love and child. I like how the story give me the same feeling as The Corner of The Universe by Ann Martin. All three mentioned are heart-wrenching and tear-jerking stories, about life and love.

Being inspired by the aspiring writers, I tried to come up with my own story. I am actually cracking my head with ideas and how I would want the story to flow. I’ve started it to be honest but kept on revising the first part which is so far only what I have written. I don’t have talent for writing and I know that, but trying is better than just giving up.

I find it funny that I just finished a side story about one of the characters while the main story is still unstable. And I actually love how I created the side story, which I think is better than the main. Is this considered a betrayal to my own works?

I’ll be posting the story here. One day. In the future. 😉

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§ 2 Responses to I wasn’t cut to be a Writer

  • boredlandia says:

    I can’t wait to see your story. Everyone is a writer, it’s just a matter if they decide to take the time to put in on paper or not. Best advice I ever read was from Stephen King… First – Write for yourself, Second – Writer for others.

    If you have a story to tell, write it down, don’t worry about the crap. Everyone writes crap at first. Even J.K. Rowling.

    Wonderful blog.

    • thestreetcat says:

      Thanks for your encouragement. It boosted my confidence a bit. I’m still working on my story, and yes, I’m writing it for my own satisfaction at the moment. Really, I appreciate your words.

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