the taste of a laid-back life

27/04/2013 § 2 Comments

I am reliving the moments I had back in the middle of year 2012, when I was living a laid-back life. I mean, I am starting, or rather, continuing with my hunt for coffee shops. My tipsy escapades were fun but I am not exactly one for drinking, and my buddy became pretty busy with something else. I’ll have to come up with a new name for my coffee adventures. šŸ™‚

So far I have triedĀ seven cafes, namely Artease, Dr. Cafe Coffee, Raindrops Cafe, The Muffinry Bakery and Cafe, L’Etoile Cafe, Kith CafeĀ and Sun Ray Cafe. I have visited Oriole Cafe and Bar,Ā SOHO Coffee, Loysel’s Toy, Forty Hands, and Smitten Day Makers Tea and Coffee Bar before, though that was a really long time ago. Anyway, I’m returning to my laid-back lifestyle so I will have more time to visit coffee shops and update my blogs.

I seriouslyĀ need to update my blogs.

I am visiting coffee shops and drinking their coffee even though I don’t really know how to compare one coffee drink from another. I am not excatly particular with my coffee drinks as long as they satisfy my palate. Hence, I cannot really describe the taste, aroma, texture, acidity and such.

Why do I visit coffee shops then? Chained coffee shops are good but they are overrated and I also want something new. Discovering new cafes is also like an achievement. Furthermore, finding them isĀ moreĀ of anĀ adventure. It is also a way to kill the monotony of my everyday home-work-home routine.

Chained coffee shops are standard. Stand alone cafes are mostly artsy, and peaceful. I realized that I enjoy my cup of coffee the most in a relaxing and peaceful environment. So, visiting cafes way off the city entitles me to peaceful coffee time and reading or writing time. Seeing artsy cafes alone keep my spirits up. I love arts, and cute stuff by the way.

Basically, visitingĀ stand alone cafesĀ is just part of my selfishness. I just wanted to have a visual feast from seeing new things and to enjoy my cup of coffee the posh way. I can also say that it is to reward myself, for all the hardwork I’ve done.

This is a prelude to my upcoming posts about my coffee adventures. Stories and pictures of my foodie adventures are coming soon. Now then, let the brewing begin. šŸ™‚



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§ 2 Responses to the taste of a laid-back life

  • nostalgium says:

    Same here šŸ˜€ i really can relate to your post.

    I also enjoy discovering&trying new stand alone coffee shops. Especially those trendy ones with artistic decorations, I would notice .. the chairs, the wood, the glasses, the lights, the spoons …etc
    all beside enjoying a tasty cup of cappuccino or macchiato

    I also agree with you regarding coffee chains, and add to it, i haven’t tried a coffee chain that serves real good espresso drinks!

    Thank you for your post, looking forward to see your coffee shop adventures! šŸ˜€

    • thestreetcat says:

      Nostalgium, Thank you for checking out the post. I have been to quite a few cafes already and it was fun visiting them, mainly because the coffee of course. Please do check my blog again for more of my coffee adventures. Once again, thanks.

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