The Pacche Model

19/12/2012 § Leave a comment

It has been very busy for the thestreetcat blogger-slash-Pacche by Lisa creator. Well, not with crafting stuff though. Anyway, since I can’t wait to show my model-slash-creation, might as well introduce her first.

I had a mental interview with the new model Aeon…and she is just so adorable! Aeon is an exclusive model for the craftline Pacche by Lisa. I didn’t get to ask her why she chose the Gothic Style but it suits her perfectly.

Her distinctive feature is her hair color which is a brunette type – a mix of brown and dark brown or black. I asked her if she went to a specialty salon to dye her hair and she answered, “It was natural. I only go to salons to have my haircut. But now, only the stylist for Pacche will be doing my hairstyles.”

I was taken aback when she said that it was her natural hair color. I mean, it was my first time seeing a hair color as such and it was just so unique. So, I asked her as to how she feels about her hair. She said, “I actually loved my hair. Most people say that it’s weird, but there are some who finds it interesting and refer to it as ‘unique’. I was convinced that my hair is special because of the color but the thickness bothers me a bit.”

“Do people or strangers randomly come to you and ask which salon you dyed your hair?”, I asked. “Very much so. Especially when walking in the mall. Sometimes I would tell them that I just woke up one day and find my hair like this.” she answered jokingly.

I also asked her why is her hair like that, if it was hereditary or such. She said that she inherited it from her father, although her father’s was milder. Her mother has a very dark brown hair. “I think that my mother’s hair color increased the visibility of my father’s darker hair colors. And voila! This is the kind of brunette that I got.” is what she said.

Get to know Aeon more with some stuffs about her ~

IMG_1995 01


Name: Aeon Crochet
Birth day: 13 December
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 16 cms.
Favorite Colors: Black, White, Red, Turquiose

Likes: Anything gothic and archaic; stuffs that are vintage and have the old-feel to it. I like casual gothic style with a cute and/or punk touch to it.

Dislikes: SNAKES.

I am a model, as well as creation, of Pacche by Lisa. I love my current hairstyle but I know that my stylist is bothered by the thickness of my hair. I look forward to the variety of clothes I’ll be wearing in the future. Oh! If I can make a request, I wish to wear a winter gothic style outfit. Actually, I will be looking forward to that. 😉

The interview with Aeon went on for a while with the tea-slash-coffee and cookies we had. Talking with her was fun and she gives off the cozy atmosphere despite her gothic-styled clothing. Watch out for her as she wear crafted clothes from Pacche by Lisa.

[Pacche Diary]


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