The Pacche Diary

15/12/2012 § Leave a comment


I came up with a new category to feature my crafts work – Pacche Diary. So far, they were only crochet and a little sewing and they are, well, not professionally done. But I was excited about it, so here’s the new category. I’m also thinking of creating more than just crochet stuffs in the future and they will all be posted in this category as well.

The Story.

I just finished making a small crochet doll which took me a few months to complete. I’m currently working on its outfits and I’m more excited to make them than the doll itself. Then, I thought of creating a brand name for its clothing line since all will be handmade by me. I want something cute and modern for the name and thought of ‘patched’. I, then, find it a bit simple so I looked it up in the dictionary. I decided to use the Middle English origin of the word which is ‘pacche’ which I find nice and a bit elegant. I settled for it but decided to put ‘by Lisa’ at the end, thus the name ‘Pacche by Lisa’. Sounded professional, right? It didn’t match me cute and modern preferences though but I came up with a good name. So, I’m good.

This is just an introductory post so no pictures will be coming out yet. I’ll have a shoot with the doll once I’m done with a few of its clothes. I did post some photos on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, though. Lastly, I don’t think that I will be having a big collection for my ‘Pacche by Lisa’ crafting line so there’s no need for a new blog site.


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