Festive Mood and Christmas Air

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Five days after Christmas. I am still on the festive mood. But, I don’t hate it.

Being a Roman Catholic, my family has this yearly activity of going for Misa de Gallo on the night of 24th December. Then, we’ll have a late dinner after the mass with home-cooked meals suited for an occassion, according to our tastes, that is. It became the norm for me. When I realized that I can’t stick to that anymore, I was a bit disturbed.

After finishing my studies, there were no more Christmas Breaks for me. In Philippines, there might be non-working days from 24th of December until 2nd of January the following year. But I’m not in the Philippines, and I don’t think that’s applicable for my industry. So, for two years straight now, I have not attended a mass on the eve of Christmas.

I was not a religious person to begin with. At least, I admit that I am not ever since few years ago after realizing that I can’t follow traditions and cultures blindly. Well, some people from the early days died because they tried to defy the norm of society. Today, there are still people who get scrutinized for changing the so-called norms. However, we are more open-minded now and changes are more than welcome should it improve one’s way of living. But, no matter how many centuries have past, traditions and cultures still remain intact. It was like part of our identity.

Christmas is actually part of that tradition and culture. It was believed to be the day when Jesus Christ, the Saviour, was born. So being Christians, we were celebrating his birth, his coming to save us. Nowadays, however, and being in a country where Christianity is not a major religion, I find Christmas in a different light.

It was a public holiday celebrated throughout the entire world, mostly. People exchange gifts and have a little celebration despite their religion. It was a day for festivity and happiness. Looking back, as to how the story was known all this time, Jesus was born in a stable. The grandiose gatherings everywhere on Christmas Day is not even close to that. But, being alive today because of the Saviour is a reason good enough to have a huge gathering is it not? Things change and people forget, but traditions and cultures remain.

My Christmas last year was so-so. Fun but not so fun, I would say. I was given morning shift on the 24th and afternoon shift on 25th. Fair enough since I didn’t really want to take a day off. This year was completely different. I was so excited for Christmas that as early as November I am already singing Christmas songs. My colleague actually told me to let their festival go by first before I start being on Christmas mood. This year, I had three days off from work for my Christmas.

We just moved house the previous week but our Christmas tree was still displayed though it was late. I have some friends who came over to celebrate Christmas. We have gifts under the tree and several dishes on our small table. Of course, there were drinks to boost the party, and karaoke as well! We certainly made the best of our Christmas eve in our own way.

We stayed up until dawn, and one by one, we fell asleep. I stayed awke until 0630hrs, and slept after cleaning the mess, washing the dishes and storing the food. I believed I had a good short sleep. Alcohol does me good every now and then.

25th. I am surprised to be awake at 0900hrs. Well, my friends need to go to work and I need to accommodate them. I don’t have work that day, so I can sleep later in the day. But I never did. I was awake the whole of daylight singing karaoke with my friends who didn’t go to work. I fell asleep immediately after dinner.

27th. The festivity goes on. Our department had a Christmas Party in the afternoon and I was with a friend the whole of the evening. A stroll along Orchard Road, with backtracking, wasn’t so bad with a companion. It was a little crazy and lots of fun, a bit tiring and gretaly entertaining. We only had a little disturbance seeing an after-the-incident venue – puddles of blood on the street. We didn’t care though. The spirit of Christmas got deep into us to even bother.

Christmas day had passed but so much people were on the streets and it was only Thursday. With so much people around, we were in high spirits. It was a fun evenig of strolling, shooting and shopping. We both managed to catch our last rides home. It was certainly exciting.

I have not slept properly for days. I am still fine but I know that my body needs some proper rest. I managed to accomplish my plans – going to a friend’s workplace, attend a mass, and relax at Gardens by the Bay – in exchange for ruining my health. I am actually wondering how I can survive days without properly sleeping, not be sick, and still do better. The only thing I fear in this is the possibility of having a chronic insomnia. It’s scary just thinking that.

I have 24 hours to New Year now. I’ve had a blast unitl the end of 2012. A fantastic year is about to end, and a new one, full of anticipation, is about to take over. Cheers to both the passing and coming year!

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Ancient Prophecy

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Doomsday. There has already been a series of the so-called doomsday prophecy saying that the world will end on certain years or dates. There have been patrons of such things but up to this date, the world is still revolving. Yet, another date was to be recorded in the doomsday timeline. 21.12.2012.

The other day, the home page of one of my social network accounts was, well, kinda plagued with the doomsday stuffs. It was supposed to be yesterday, 21st December. However, when I came to work early yesterday morning, my colleague told me that it was Mexico’s time. So, following Mexico’s time in Singapore, it will be today which is 22nd December. Will the world or, at the very least, the species of humanity cease to exist?

“The end of the world.”

I don’t really know how to believe it. I can come up with several occurrences that will lead to the end of the world. I am still waiting for the 2019 asteroid thing that was in the news several years ago, though I think that it has already changed its course. Each one can interpret the phrase in several different ways too. Does that mean that all the living things will cease to exist? Or will the earth stop revolving? Will it rotate counter-clockwise? Will some huge planet or star collide with the Earth? Or will a black hole suddenly formed out of the blue and devour our planet? Or will it just explode since it’s already time, just like a time bomb? Or will natural calamities occur all at once – tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, total darkness, huge lightnings, widespread fire – and leave everything in a mess with not a single living being alive and suffering?

Should the world really end in whatever way it may, it means that another world will start anew, is it not? I mean, endings always bring forth new beginnings. So, should the Earth’s inhabitants cease to exist leaving the planet intact, that means that millions of years later another history will unfold. Or should the planet be destroyed, then the debris and remains will one day join with other rocks or stars and form another planet. At least, I hope so.

More than the end of the world, I am currently concerned with another thing – the end of humanity. I was reading a fictional story about existence and evolution. I just began reading the book, but that was what the part I’m reading is about. One day I will cease to exist, and so is everyone else. Then it occurred to me that, other species have ceased to exist like the humongous dinosaurs. I wondered when human species’ turn will be. In another billion years time? Or, will our species even cease from existing? Science and technology were both becoming more advance by the minute and human minds are developing non-stop that it’s almost scary. In the future, reviving the dead, or not dying might both be possible. The humanoids, vampires and zombies, that we only see in sci-fi films, will one day become species co-existing with humans. It could be possible that humans without any modifications in their body could become rare, or rather, extinct. Future holds nothing impossible for the present. Everything is possible.

Fantasies aside, everyone living in this day will one day die. As I am writing, the dire thought that someone is on the verge of death somewhere is kinda bothering me now. Each person is meant to die, at one’s time, and not even doctors can’t do anything about that. Homer mentioned in his The Odyssey, ‘Still death is certain, and when a man’s hour came, not even the gods can help him, no matter how fond they are of him.’ Most stories has this rule of granting any wish besides reviving the dead, as well. Is that so much of a taboo? That, I don’t know. But still, immortality, as of today, is not possible, but death is certain. And, as of today, we only have once to live our life. It is all up to us to live it fully or let it dull away.

For now, I’ll be waiting until 2359 hrs of today for the doomsday, should it really happen. The anticipation is quite thrilling but the grave thought of dying in one blink of the eyes is frightening. I still have to wait for 21 hours should the world not end any time earlier. Let’s look forward to another day for now.

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