Odd Genesis

15/09/2012 § Leave a comment

I just created a new blog for my own satisfaction. Odd as it may seem for I am not a consistent blogger or someone well-known, but I am still trying pursue my career in writing, at least in my own way. I say that although I just wanted to state my thoughts somewhere I can be my alter-ego.

So, the new blog was entitled W-ALL – I’ve included the link in the menu bar of this blog. As of today, I’ve only posted some events that I find interesting and eventually I will be attending, and some photos I’ve taken somewhere. The blog will be like a journal of the places I’ve visited, of the events I’ve been to and of the things I’ve done and seen.

It all started when my friend and I were watching a documentary-slash-discussion-slash-lecture online about the the old civilizations. Photos of different places were shown in the video and I said that I wanted to be a Travel Photographer and my friend said that she wanted to be a Travel Journalist. She, then, came up with the idea of creating a travel blog. Knowing her and myself, we actually don’t have the resources and time for such stuff. A while later, when I got to be by myself, I thought about the idea carefully and so it leads to the blog I had now. It’ll be simple and I will be trying to add as much information as I can.

I created categories such as Where, When, Whatnots, Who, Wanderlust Pixie and We. Where will be about the places I’ve visited and my thoughts of them; When will be about the events that I find interesting and I’ve participated; Whatnots will be everything else under the sun like the activities to do, things to see, food to eat and stuff; Who will be people I met and some life stories they shared or travel experiences from colleagues, friends or acquaintances- I am challenging myself to this one; Wanderlust Pixie will be the photo albums for the other entries; and We is well about the author.

I’ve actually thought of people who can help me in this blog besides my friends who came up with the idea. I can get some of my friends to help me with the layout and accessibility, or to be the blog editor, a portion writer, a photographer, or a model. If I use my connections, I can be sure to get good results, I think. But really, if I had other people helping in this blog, I think it will be a very interesting one. I just hope that I will be able to fill it with lots of stuff. 🙂

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