I’m a dreamer.

13/09/2012 § Leave a comment

I can play the piano, both rough and mellow, as smooth as the wind blowing through my skin. I have played in theaters in New York and Europe. I have a million fans yearning for the limited copies of my music record. They love me all and adore me so much. I am a pianist in one of my dreams.

I tainted several blank canvas with ideas no other person can even imagine. Matching colors and bringing the creation out of them is my specialty. I use tools, sometimes I don’t, and mold the colors against the white sheet creating patterns that several people would definitely admire. I am a painter in one of my dreams.

I’ve been to France, Brazil, Spain, Hongkong, Macau, China, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, New York, and several other countries. I’ve seen Eiffel and Tokyo Towers, as well as Niagara Falls and and Grand Canyon. I’ve worn a Sari, a Cheongsum, a Punjabi, and even a Baro’t Saya. I’ve talked to people of different nationality using their native language, and I learned their basic traditions and the core of their culture. Going from places to places is like my nature, a wanderlust you may say. But in one of my dreams, I am a traveler.

I’ve played with words and read several boks. I have broadened my vocabulary and used them appropriately. I like games about words most especially word-search ones. Scrabble is fine but I find it boring. I like composing stories and creating visual images in my mind. A narrative story spoken in first person is my specialty. I make critics about books and movies or even the most trivial idea or sentence I read somewhere. Words have concrete form and meanings and I put them into good use. Blending them and giving the reader a burst of image in their mind or a rush of emotions is like reciting ABC’s to me. Indeed, I am a composer and a writer in one of my dreams.

So, this time, it’s not about a book or a movie or some new photos. This is just some random thought that came into mind, either written in my blue notebook with a now-fading ‘hanging out’ print, or typed into my ipod notes, just like what I usually post in my blogspot a long time ago.

I am a dreamer since it is one of the free things in life that I can enjoy. With a limitless imagination and overflowing desires I can be where I want to be or what I want to be. Maybe it was also a way to boost morale and esteem. Not so bad I may say, so long as a line between reality and dreams are made clear.

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