Tears and Light – Abridged Story

10/08/2012 § Leave a comment

Drops of water are rolling down my skin. Slowly and gently, allowing me to feel its sympathy…like caressing me lovingly, captivating me in its kindness. Tears. It was so much of a wonder to me as to how they form. I was never into biology, or science in general. Although there could be a time that I thought stars were so interesting. It was back in my grade school years, and I topped my class in the science exams. That was the best achievement I had in regards with science, and probably my closest relationship to it. Perhaps not, my first love and the thing I used to love second-most was like a branch of science. Yes, a thing I used to love, but I gave it up.

The water continues to flow, out of my eyes, down to my chin until it was caught in the collar of my shirt. Would it flow endlessly had I not wear anything to hinder it? The distance it should have flowed would show how much it keeps me company in my agony. Staying with me and silently understanding all the misery I was going through. I could not have done that to anyone, but my tears were so kind that they would never leave me. They pour continuously like rain until the clouds of my sorrows cleared, showing a sun of a new perspectives. I wonder if tomorrow would give me something to look forward to. Since yesterday took something from me that would have given me happiness tomorrow, the following day, and every day after that.

Today, I am drowned in my own loneliness. I would probably be like this for a very long time unless someone clears my clouds of misery and show me a new light, a hope for something anew. But the person whom I hoped would do it for me had left me, involuntarily. I couldn’t help it, if fate and time allowed it. It was bound to happen – for me to be left alone.

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