Afternoon Walk in the North-East

31/07/2012 § Leave a comment

It was a lovely afternoon when I went to Punggol. It was in the north-eastern side of Singapore. This is my second time of going there since my first attempt failed.

The sun was hot but I always love its aftermath so I bore with it. The afternoon breeze was refreshing and I also love it. I never realized that afternoon walks are so good. Well, it was probably because one part of the area I was in is made up of forest, the other side, residential area under construction. As long as you don’t focus on the other side of the river you will feel relatively close to nature.

I managed to walk along the riverside and reach Halus Wetland. I didn’t have much time to roam around the wetland and it’s quite disappointing. Still, I had a great time taking pictures of the water lilies, the red bridge, the riverside and the wild flowers. The aftereffect of the hot sun I was talking about was a red sunset. The sunset was not so much reddish but I still love it.

whereabouts. Getting to Punggol Riverside and Halus Wetland is easy. It was thanks to another blog site that I managed to get here without troubles – check the page here.

Just take the North-East Line (a.k.a. Purple Line) and alight at Punggol Station, which one end of the line. Then, transfer to Punggol LRT line and alight at Riviera Station. Walk towards the temple that you can see from the station. Walk further and go through the parking area. There were restaurant in that area but you might want to save hunger after your nature trip. Once yo are at the riverside, take your time walking to the Red Bridge. Passing through the red bridge brings you directly to Halus Wetlands.


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