A Piece of Holland Village

29/07/2012 § Leave a comment

My first time to Holland Village was actually on a night time a few months ago. The place didn’t really piqued my attention since I only saw it as a night-out area. But, on my second visit one afternoon, my perspective of the place suddenly changed. The change in time makes the big difference, eh?

My second visit to the place was earlier this month. I was looking for a camera store that sells some toy and analogue cameras. Then, while searching online (thanks for the amazing world wide web!), I saw an article regarding a store in Holland Village. I went there immediately on my most convenient time, or rather my off. It was a fantastic place and I may say that it was a good place to hang out.

These are the photos of my second visit.

There was the Snap Shop which is a camera shop specializing in the analogue types. They have both toy cameras and vintage ones, and other accessories as well. I only visited this shop to check it out, but in the end I bought myself a Wide lens for my Holga 135BC. And on another visit, later in the month, I bought myself macro set (which I might be using) and close-up set lenses. They sell the goods at cheaper prices as I have observed. The store was actually small and I didn’t realize that it would be in the area of the food center. I managed to find in while I am already in the process of giving up. You can visit their website here and know more about them.

I also enjoyed myself looking around the stores in the area. They have a wide range of restaurants, resto-bars, coffee shops and even bakeries and dessert places. If you just go through the streets and back alleys you can find some interesting stores. I only tried eating a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream from the Ice Cream store in the shopping center. I actually wanted to try the Burnt Caramel flavor, but I don’t wish to upset myself, so I did not.

Holland Village is located in the western side of the main city. Coming from Orchard Road you can get there by riding bus 7 or 106. The area is also accessible via MRT-Holland Village station. Although that might be taking a whole turn in the Circle Line.

On my third visit to the place, I actually took bus 145 from Far East Plaza in Scotts Road. I ended up having to walk from a bus stop in Queensway Road all the way through Holland Village. I do love to get lost sometimes and it gave me quite an amusing photo, too.


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