High School Debut

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Is this a movie review? I don’t think so since I was never a critic for movies. Sure, I did a couple of movie critics back in my high school years. But, only that. I say that my opinions were always personal, and I leave all the technical stuffs out. Moreover, I am not that much of a movie-person. There was a time that I go to see a movie once or twice a month, but that was a long time ago.

Anyway, I am to tell my thoughts about the movie High School Debut. It was originally a manga, with the same name, that was completed a long time ago, around 2008, I think.  I love the story. When the manga (Japanese Comic) was still an on-going scanlation, I was always waiting for a release. I managed to read all the chapters and now, I watched the movie. The live action adaptation of the manga was released on 2011. I only watched the movie recently, though.

I remember what the story was about, in general. But, since it was so long after I last read it, I don’t remember every single character and plot in the story. The story was about a girl, Haruna, who wants to fall in love but just lack all the aspects of being feminine. She used to focus on her softball club during middle school but has decided to fall in love once she entered high school. Being her hardworking self, she did her best to look feminine, however, everything was just all wrong, or more like, exaggerated – clothes, make up, accesories.

Then she met Yoh, who eventually became his coach in being feminine under one condition – to never fall in love with him. Yoh distrusts women ever since his ex-girlfriend broke up with him. Him agreeing to be Haruna’s coach was a surprised to his friends, Fumiya and Asaoka, and young sister, Asami. All of them with Haruna’s friend, Mami, are looking after Haruna’s road to falling in love.

Choosing proper clothes, going on dates, falling in love, being heart broken, coping up…these are all in the story. Haruna experienced all of these with Yoh supporting her. However, unconsciously, Haruna was starting to realize that she was falling in love with Yoh which was against their coaching’s only rule. The same goes for Yoh, who doesn’t notice it as well. Together, Haruna and Yoh, while supporting each other, struggles to overcome their own faults and understand each other better.

About the story. It was simply a story about teenage love with the same plot and story as every other manga that I read. Feelings of love and being loved, insecurities, past relationships, indifference, being happy together, loneliness, wanting to see each other, etc. I think every person who fell in love has experienced those feelings as well, both boys and girls. All those struggles that the couple is facing just to make everything turn out fine was in the story. It was a typical set-up for a young love story, even for an adult love as well.

I’ve read several mangas and this is one of my favorites. It was a comical type of love story where the main female character is idiotically funny, and the main male lead is the serious type. The story in the manga is way better than the movie since the movie only has a limited time. I would suggest reading the manga if you are just after some visual stimuli and good story. You wont get sick of reading the manga. Another tip, don’t bother with the people around you who’s wondering why you’re laughing hardly. 🙂

I haven’t watch many Japanese movies. I still prefer Japanese films over Korean’s despite the K-Pop fever going on. I used to watch Korean series aired on TV before like Fullhouse, Coffee Prince and Endless love. But, Korean idols suddenly boomed, and the reign of K-Pop began. I have nothing against Koreans. I just got sick over the idea of hearing them and seeing them everywhere I go. Honestly, I am just a plain Japanese fan, and that’s all.


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