Film 002 – Solaris FGPlus ISO 400

18/07/2012 § Leave a comment

I just collected my 2nd film and the results do not not make me so happy. I’m a bit depressed about it and I was really looking forward to it. I am happy about some of the photos, though.

This time I used a Solaris FGPlus ISO 400 film. I played around with the film so I am not very surprised to see lots of frames to be blank but it still makes me quite depressed. I’m also guessing that the film has been a bit exposed when I loaded it into my old Holga but has to be removed since the camera was broken and has to be replaced. Anyway, I also tried doing long exposure this time and multiple exposures, as well. I likes some of the shots I did for the long exposure and multiple exposures. Then, I read an article that ISO 400 film is not so ideal when used during dusk time which is what I did. I guess, I have overestimated the light sensitivity of an ISO 400 film hence causing underexposures. I’ve learned my lesson now.

Comparing ISO 400 to ISO 200, the images are brighter with the ISO 400 as compared to when I used ISO 200. The thing is, knowing that it’s a more light-sensitive film speed, I to underexposed the shots. Thus, getting dark images to totally blank frames.

I have created an account with the Lomography community – check it here. Photos I took are as follow:

(Photos are taken using Holga 135BC, and some photos are taken with a wide lens on. Film used was Solaris FGPlus ISO 400.)


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