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I have been taking snapshots of my friends every now and then. Sometimes I force them and sometimes I am forced to. I get fair results and a favorite every time so it’s fine. This time, however, there was an agreement from both parties, the photographer, me, and the model, my friend.

The venue was in the nearby park in the neighborhood – Zhenghua Park. I told my friend to wear floral or earthy colors since I will take the color out either way. I like black and white or sepia photographs, that’s why. I had my fair share of fun and portrait photography, I think that was what it’s called, is difficult for various reasons. Firstly, I don’t have a tripod and a remote shutter. These are the first two things that I need to get the next time I buy an accessory. Secondly, humans are just too complex that it annoys me. They are moving so I have to capture the movements at the very moment. It will never be repeated so once I missed the chance to do so, I’ll never have a next time. Even if I say that, I somewhat like taking pictures of people. Candid, ones. It feels more real to me.

The photos during our photo-shoot were below. I would gladly appreciate comments.

All photos were taken using Canon Powershot G11 and edited using Photoscape.


21 days to 21st

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I’m 21 and this post is dedicated to my last 21 days before turning 21. You may stop reading if you find what I’m saying corny ’cause all the stuff following would be even more cornier. Basically, this is just a 21-day journal of my life before turning 21. And I know that the subject is very boring, but this is my blog, anyway. I am also well aware that this post is long ago overdue.

I don’t usually think of or feel anything special whenever my birthday is approaching. Besides that facts that I’m turning a year older and I’m getting farther from my childhood years, there is really nothing special. If my family plans to do something, then let it be. If my friends want to invite me out, I just go with the flow. I always think of myself as a boring person so I don’t consider ‘My Day’ as anything special at all. This year, twenty-twelve, is different though.

Twenty-one. It sounds wild, fun and free. It is an age beyond legal age, and is considered part of adulthood – an age of a young professional – but still considered as young. I always hear people telling me “You look so young” or “You’re still young but you’re already working”. Even now, I still don’t know how to respond properly. Perhaps, I will never get used to it. The only thing that I hate about having young looks is that I am always questioned in the Immigration Counter of the airport every time I am leaving my country. “My passport is valid, right? I managed to go in and out of the Philippines several times now, and you can see all those stamps. Besides, my birthdate is clearly stated there, so why still ask me?” is what I wish to say to the Immigration Officer the last time I left my country. But! I did not. Besides that, I can enjoy all the perks of looking young.

21 days to go (10 April 2012)

It’s my day off from work and one of my friend’s birthday who is now living in London. I just stayed at home. The day’s highlight was me baking cookies. To add some twist, I placed marshmallow bits into some of the cookies. And I will never do that again. 🙂

20 days to go (11 Arpil 2012)

I was invited to attend a free session for Bikram hot yoga. I had it scheduled today. I’ve been wanting to have some kind of health routine and this was it! It was a 26-posture yoga session for one and a half hour in a hot room. I certainly sweat a lot more compared to when I am jogging.

19 days to go (12 April 2012)

My shift ends at 1 in the morning, and yes, the date was correct. When I reached home, I found a small, fat, cute mice in the staircase. I stayed to watch it for a few minutes. it is trying to go up the steps and reach me. It’s wise since it tried using the area that holds the handrail for the stairs. The thing is, it cannot really go further because it was sliding down. It was a funny little fellow. I actually thought of taking it with me but I don’t think I can handle a pet.

18 days to go (13 April 2012)

I attended my second class for mthe hot yoga and had my lunch at Lucky Plaza – the only area I always try to avoid in Singapore. Well, after so long, I went there and eat Filipino Cuisine.

17 days to go (14 April 2012)

I went for an afternoon jog around my place. It just rained and still drizzling a little. To my surprised, there were monkeys scattered about in the park. Well, there were “Beware of Monkeys” sign in the park but I never really believed that there were monkeys residing in the area. It scared me a little but I have to go for my jog. They never approached me so I am more than glad. I tired doing some yoga postures at home. I am still not flexible enough, though.

16 days to go (15 April 2012)

I went for my third hot yoga class. I have work at 1500hrs and I went for the 1230hrs class. The yoga class ends at 1400hrs and I have to rush my bath and make-up if I don’t want to be late for my work. Fortunately, I managed to attend the briefing and be not so late.

15 days to go (16 April 2012)

I had my dinner outside since I don’t like what they serve in the staff cafeteria. It was good that there is a food court just below our hotel. I had chicken teriyaki that comes with rice, coleslaw and fries. I love the coleslaw of the western cuisine store. Actually, I only eat coleslaw from that store.

14 days to go (17 April 2012)

After a long time, I, once again, ate Takoyaki from Takopachi. I told myself that I’m never buying from them again since the staff are all moody and the last time I buy from them, they gave me the wrong order. But! Takoyaki is just so love. Their store is the one nearest in the area so I’m taking pains in dealing with the staff again. All for the beloved Takoyaki.

13 days to go (18 April 2012)

It’s Wednesday! That means that western cuisine is served in the staff cafeteria. My favorite was the Penne in white cream sauce with seafood and vegetables and toasted parmesan. It’s just so delicious.

12 days to go (19 April 2012)

I finally started my Beer Trail! (It’s actually something I intend to post next time) I went with a friend, and also visited one of the coffee shops that participated in Coffee Trail. So we went to Forty Hands, for the Coffee Trail, and I ordered and Piccolo Cappuccino and Red Bean Pau. I love the pau. Then, we went to Heart of House which we had difficulty to find because we turned into the wrong street. I had a Honeydew Melon Beer and it’s good. 🙂 I never really thought that fruit beers taste differently than the barley or lager ones.

11 days to go (20 April 2012)

I had my fifth class in hot yoga and I’m gettin used to it. Somehow, every after my yoga class, I always eat at Lucky Plaza and it’s really costly for me.

10 days to go (21 April 2012)

It’s my off so I continued my Beer Trail. I went to Wok and Barrel and tried the Jungle Beer. Oh, how I wish to say more about the restaurant but just wait for it’s official entry. I also went to Smitten Daymakers Coffee and Tea Bar and tried their coffee, sandwich and yolkless cheesesake. I sure spent more than the budget. My favorite part of the day was my night photography at Riverside Point. It was quite fun.

9 days to go (22 April 2012)

I had my 6th yoga class today and sure, I don’t really have to count the number of classes I have attended. I had my favorite choco mochi again and my assistant manager loved it too. I also had a Takoyaki from Takopachi.

8 days to go (23 April 2012)

I had a simple and quick pasta for dinner. I’m really hungry and there’s nothign in the fridge so I fixed myself a bowl of tomato based pasta. This is not an ideal supper but that’s all I got in the cupboard.

7 days to go (24 April 2012)

I went to Basement 1 at Centerpoint and had my dinner there. My company is providing employee’s meal but I just don’t like the food most of the time. In addidtion, I’d rather spend for some good food than have myself suffer from starvation. And I really spend a lot for good food.

6 days to go (25 April 2012)

It’s my off once again and I met with some friends. We had an early dinner at another friend’s workplace that serves western cuisine in large servings – Botak’s Backyard. Then, we went to Ji Biru, a restaurant and barm participating in Beer Trail. It’s Wednesday and we’re all girls so it’s ladies’ night. 🙂

5 days to go (26 April 2012)

After work, I went to see a friend who also finishes work early. We met at SOHO Coffee Singapore, then to Marina Bay Sands, then to Suntec City, and stayed at the area around Esplanade. I managed to see a good city sunset with him. And yes, this friend is a ‘He’ but no more than a friend. It was like a date though and we admired Marina Bay Sands at night.

4 days to go (27 April 2012)

I’m off from work early again and I will be having a dinner later with my department colleagues. But before that, I went to Big Bad Wolf, another Beer Trail participant. I had a Peach Beer and Apple Pie. I highly recommend the Apple Pie. For the department dinner, we had it at Urban Beach Bar owned by the reception manager’s friend.

3 days to go (28 APril 2012)

I was late for work. Why? The reason was a traffic-jam caused by a road accident. From Bukit Panjang to Whitely Road, usually it would only take me 10 minutes. However, this time, I was stuck just at BKE for 30 minutes!

2 days to go (29 April 2012)

What made my day was the online release of Dengeki Daisy manga and a couple of other mangas I read. I’m simple so that makes me happy.

1 day to go (30 April 2012)

Today is the last day before I turn 21. Tomorrow is my big day but today is like the celebration. We had the host recognition today which happens every two months. I’m a May celebrant so my turn to claim my birthday envelop will be on June. Well, I like attending host recognition since I get to eat good food. Their birthday cake this time was Chocolate Truffle! Could there be anything sumptuous than this on the buffet? Well, in our buffet it was the best dessert present.

That sums up my twenty-one days to twenty-one. My birthday passed more than a month a go and it was a bit unexpected to be honest. No birthday post too. 🙂

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