This is My Summer.

04/04/2012 § Leave a comment

How do you describe your summer this year? Hot as in beach hopping with hunks and babes? Glamorous as in staying in a hotel abroad? Exciting like hiking, camping, and road-trip? Maybe you haven’t decided yet? To each his own as they say. I don’t really wanna bother you thinking how it will be. Just asking.

Mine will be revolving around work of course and spend it wisely on off-days. I think I got the last part wrong – ‘spend off-days wisely for it’ sounds more appropriate. As for the industry I had chosen, holidays are our peak season and so is summer. So I barely have time to enjoy basking under the sun to get a good tan or trying water sports. Well, I am a simple person. A balloon can make me happy, like a child perhaps. Simple and easy activities suit me just fine this summer since I can’t afford a grandiose one.

What will MY summer be?


COLORS! I think of vibrant colors whenever I think of summer. Just so you know, I usually prefer dark colors. But this summer, I wanna try being into vibrant ones. I mean with the summer heat you just want to make it more intense by those attention grabbing colors, right?

I wish I could wear that simple floral dress, orange shoulder bag and yellow slippers. I wish but I couldn’t. I am more comfortable with shorts and shirts, bag packs, and sneakers. They allow me to move freely with my camera hanging in my neck. So my colorful summer is not actually about my own clothing. It’s about how I want to get photos of vibrant stuff basked under a summer sun. The contrast and saturation. It’s making me excited!


BEACH. Whats’ the first thing that comes to mind when the word ‘summer’ was heard? Isn’t it the beach. The sea, sand and sky, as well as those coconut trees. That’s the perfect picture of summer, for the conventional ones of course.

Bathing under the summer sun while staring into the horizon where sea meets sky. Walking along the shore while the tides are washing off the footprints you left behind. Watching a red sun before a starry night. Holding your lover’s hands while slowly walking in the sand and sharing stories. What a beautiful summer dream! Yes, a dream. I can do all of it except, sadly, the last one.


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