To you seven years ago

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To you from seven years ago. These are currently my thoughts on how things ended up the way they are. When I try to think back to those times, I am left in a haze of confusion. I do not even know which incident came first, or what caused our current situation. No, I do not really remember why I even asked for a separation. Honestly, it is all in the past but we never really talked about it in person.

Back then we were still just in our teenage years. We were both young, and I love my freedom, and you were full of aspirations for being a doctor. For years prior to that, you have been a constant part in my life. It was difficult imagining my life without you in it. As I said,you were a constant presence throughout my high school years, and my early years of college. I will be honest and admit that it was hard adjusting to a life realizing that I cannot easily talk to you about anything and everything like I have been used to for the past six years of my life. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I have been too dependent on you. And that scared me.

I was not exactly a character of strength, but I have always thought of myself as someone who can handle all troubles on her own. Until I reached a breaking point. You were my boyfriend and I thought of depending on you. I do not even need you to be physically present, because I know that was impossible given all circumstances we are in. All I wanted was to speak with you, and hear you say that ‘it’s gonna be okay’, or whatever soothing things you could possibly think of. Instead, all you ever told me was that thing that I far too sick to hear from you. ‘I’m busy.’ In a way, that has been one of my top favorites from you. In a negative way.

Perhaps I was not able to get my message across. Maybe, I was not able to properly tell you how lonely I felt at that time, or that I wanted you to comfort me. Maybe you did not understand how much I was longing for you, that it was far greater than words could ever mean. And, maybe, that was the reason why you failed me. Yes, you failed me, and you probably do not even know it. You probably just shrugged it off as one of those ‘I miss you, and I want to see you.’, as one of my never ending demands from you. Was it too much of me to ask you to just drop everything you have going on at that time just to spare the time to listen to me and comfort me? Yeah, it probably is. I am probably a lot more demanding than I realize. But that was the only time I really wanted for your emotional support, for you affection, and yet you were too busy for me. And it broke my heart.

It was one of the most difficult times of my life. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally spent. It’s probably all in my head but the level of stress I was in at that time was by far the worse. It almost borderlines depression. It was mostly due to my merciless school work and my uncertain family situation. But you probably do not know any of it.

We reached that point in our school life where we were both busy. I know that your career choice demands you full attention and eats most of your time. And that your family comes second to that. It just hurts me so much learning that I do not even know where I stand in your priority list, if I ever was in it. That you give me the time of your day if you have any to spare.

December 2016.


This was in my drafts for a long time. I have a new boyfriend now and I’ve been with him for over a year. A completely different guy from you. I has been ten years now, and I sometines find myself thinking if he was any better. I might have matured in my way of thinking, but humans are just creature difdicult to understand. We differ from each other. One’s strenght is another’s weakness. I really cannot compare you two. I am happy right now, as I am, and who I am with. I hope that you are happy in your career as well, and that you find or have found someone you could cherish. Our time together is something I could always look back on, although things have become hazy. I guess age and time has their way of making things better. I hope that someday, when we cross paths again, we can look back to thise years and we don’t feel bitterness towards each other. It may have been a wishful thinking, but you are a special part of my teenages years, and I cannot change that.

I can now confidently say that my time spent together with you has been fun, and I’ve learned a lot from you.


Da Lat in love.

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Xin chao!

I visited Vietnam’s City of Eternal Spring last February 2018, and instantly fell in love with it. Coming from a country with a summer-like climate all year round, Da Lat’s forever chilly climate is a very welcome change. And with the city almost covered in flowers, greenery, and mountain sights, a visit there is definitely a change of pace. From Singapore’s ever bustling streets and shopping malls to Da Lat’s laid-back ambience and cool weather, how can I not fall in love with this small city?

Da Lat is a located in the highlands, and surrounded by mountains. It’s one of Vietnam’s coffee, and tea, producing cities. Of course, I never failed to drink coffee every single day I spent there, with every chance I got. I even visited a coffee plantation, and took my sweet time drinking coffee on the spot. Even though the weather is cold, I still opt to drink Ca Phe Sua Da, or iced milk coffee, because that’s how I fell in love with Vietnamese coffee.

Airbnb is the way to go.

My boyfriend arranged our accommodations for this trip. We opted for homestay instead of hotels, as recommended by our Vietnamese friend who is from Da Lat. And oh boy did I love the house. Frankly speaking I feel like it is a summer house by some rich family, or was specifically designed to be rented out. There are a lot of rooms, some are even separated from the main house. There’s a big garden, and stairs that seems like a maze. Had the garden been tended to properly, it will definitely be a lovely place…like a rose garden of the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Or maybe, our visit happened to be in a very cold month so most flowers aren’t in full bloom yet. The guesthouse is also located on a hill and there is a magnificent view of the mountains and the city, of sunsets and sunrises. The place is really like it came out of a fairytale.

 am a very picky eater but I tend to try different dishes during my travels. It’s either I go to a place suggested by one of the blogs I read, or go to a place where a lot of locals are eating. And as our friend is from Da Lat, we got to try the local favorites. I generally like Vietnamese food, but thr local delicacies of Da Lat are actually delicious.

We tried Vietnamese Pizza, which is actually grilled rice paper with egg and other toppings. One seller in Da Lat does it really nicely. I love Banh Can, which is a rice pancake that you dip in a meatball soup. For coffee, there’s a lot all over Da Lat. An Cafe is apparently a local hotspot, and I love its interiors. Me Linh Coffee Garden has its own coffee plantation. You could even do a tour of it. Windmills Coffee is like a local chain, which you could find in each district.

Since nature is abound in Da Lat, we had to go see some waterfalls too. We visited only Elephant waterfalls, which requires a bit of hiking, and Datanla Waterfalls. We opted for a long but quick coaster ride down the Datanla waterfalls. Who would have thought that there is also an elevator and a cable car in the area.

Da Lat is apparently beaming with local and foreign tourists, especially during the weekends. A few hours ride from Ho Chi Minh, and if you want to escape the heat of the city, Da Lat is the best choice.

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